A unifying description of the root cause of cancer ensues.   You are reading it here as a result of encouragement by cancer patients, friends and family.  Flemming Rasmussen – Mar 2014

Pause for thought –

For a minute I encourage you to set-aside any feelings you may have surrounding conventional cancer treatments to ponder on the following.  Research into spontaneous/radical remissions of cancer exist because these remissions are real, and their occurrences are increasingly documented.  Knowing that such a reversal is possible brings euphoric emotions, failing to identify any consistent mechanism behind them perplexing, and knowing they arise extremely infrequently is sobering.

Reflecting on this phenomenon results in a surreal realization the body heals itself WITHOUT conventional medical interventions despite terminal cancer diagnoses. But how?

Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth.
We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides in each patient a chance to go to work.” 
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Our thesis overview 

The dance between our genes and our cellular environment (particularly the cytosol) became an area of immense interest to us around 2011 and has resulted in a realization that one common denominator is present in every single cancer (neonatal to geriatric, lung, brain, ovarian, blood, prostate etc), the intimate relationship between inherited genes with an out-of-balance cellular microenvironment.  Think no further than a beehive with its queen, drones and workers, all an offspring of essentially the same genome. yet with differing in physiology, nervous systems and behaviours simply due to different diets; it is from this vantage point that the expressions of our genes predominately arise.

A huge component of this microenvironment is the cytosol, and its make-up is transformed gradually in a lifetime from conception’s maternal influences through to an adult’s insidious dietary surpluses and deficiencies, coupled with lifestyle exposures.  This dynamic matrix is what causes ALL of our genes’ expression at any height of wellness or depth of disease.


This is the dance; it is a dance that can’t occur without both the genes and the cytosol ‘communicating’ in some manner and doing the best they can to survive given both the physical chemistry available within, and the external conditions imposed on them; cancer is an increasingly preditable cellular consequence to a dynamic environmental insult!

 “Many scientists use epithelial cell lines that are exquisitely sensitive. The slightest shift in their microenvironment can alter the results — … Cells in culture are often immortal because they rapidly acquire epigenetic and genetic changes. As such cells divide, any alteration in the media or microenvironment — even if minuscule — can trigger further changes that skew results” Dr Mina Bissell, 20 November 2013 article ‘Reproducibility: The risks of the replication drive’ in the journal Nature 

Essentially all of the mainstream cancer research has seemingly been unaware or brushed over this critical aspect of a cell’s health and has rather opted to focus on singular contributing but subordinate roles and downstream effects of observed changes in pH, degraded mitochondria functioning, or our genome and its unwanted genetic expression.

Your Destiny and CANCER!

The thrust of this website centers on attending to a compromised cellular environment,  As we publish and build on this new foundation of cancer, we’ll show ways that you can directly influence if not totally control the manner your body fights to eliminate cancer or sadly surrenders to terminal cancer!

Closing Thanks

Our expectation is that within this website you will find our understanding of cancer not only interesting, but enlightening, hopeful and meaningful in your bid to arrest cancer.  Thank you!


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