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When early-readers reviewed our preliminary findings, supportive feedback included a prominent Halifax oncologist’s 2012 quote which stated,   “That was the best explanation of carcinogenesis I have read

To be the ‘real thing’ this model of cancer must be sufficiently robust to fully meet the stringent scientific review process.  So proving the plausibility and subsequent validity of that explanation is unquestionably the key to unlocking this mystery.  Our primary focus then must be to expand that knowledge of that explanation of cancer so that it is incorporated into the mindset of more cancer researchers, specifically those who determine where research funding (private donations or public money) is allocated.

As we move forward, it will be vital to complete the fully referenced hypothesis of the highest scientific standard, including formal publishing in a journal.  This review research paper will:

  • Clarify how the environmental origin of cancer can convincingly connect ALL types of cancer (ie childhood-adult, brain-blood-breast-bone etc)
  • Assimilate the basic science behind other contributing cancer models (Somatic Mutation Theory, Tissue Organization Field Theory, Metabolic Disease, Chemical Carcinogen, etc)
  • Introduce  some of the known paradoxes from the existing cancer models, and address the significant issues they present.

Paradoxical results are not uncommon in studies of carcinogenesis… ignoring “outliers” in data analysis is not satisfying; it should be the last refuge when all else fails. But more importantly, ignoring paradoxical results means missing potentially exciting new avenues for research ” S Baker, B Kramer National Institute of Health 2007

Concurrently there is no reason why at a personal level though, someone could not consider to adopt this cancer correcting concept into their (and or a loved one’s) lifestyle, nor that practicing physicians could not assist in capturing the biological test data vital for determining the appropriate course of action (caution – don’t assume that knowing ‘what’ to do always equates to ‘how’ to do it) to correct the cellular environment of a patient’s specific cancer.

Three separate sites of cancer origin have pre-occupied recent efforts but with little deviation in suggestions,

  • Breast
  • Multiple Myeloma, and
  • Prostate.

The concept of Cancer Killing Cuisine is applicable to most cancers with little variation.  Hence the approach used herein is applicable to ALL cancers, and with nutrition being a central component, there is no reason that including this type of undertaking is one that could be easily discussed with the attending physician (including pediatric scenarios).