Cancer’s demise

A cell’s environment can be adjusted (naturally through diet and lifestyle) to both:

  1. directly confront the cancer process through interfering in known cancer pathways,  and
  2. altering the cell’s environment from its present equilibrium state (that permitted the cancer to run rampant in the first place) to a new homeostasis associated with wellness.

These concepts are complementary yet distinct components to wellness.  Unless specifically recommended in a unique scenario, the simultaneous efforts of these two approaches is contraindicated.

Proper balance or proportion makes for health, lack of it for disease  – Aristotle


Specific nutritional guidance from mainstream cancer organizations differs considerably from the restricted dietary suggestions this website advocates, suggestions arrived at only after careful review of published research.  Read this American Cancer Society link carefully, and then ponder for a minute on the quote below.

With all I’ve learned over these years of research, if I were asked to design a diet today that promoted the development of cancer to the maximum, I couldn’t improve on our present diet!” – Dr Richard Beliveau (co- author of many books including ‘Foods that Fight Cancer’)


Cancer’s demise – without first determining the quality of your diet and your deficient/surplus status,  Don’t:

  1. simply add perceived deficient substances to your diet ,
  2. randomly mix different diet protocols or every ‘healthy food’ (without full knowledge or professional guidance of the goal)
  3. randomly include supplements,

Cancer’s demise – Where to start.  Do:

a.  establish a complete set of blood serum, and/or urine and/or hair parameters (particularly tests for cancer markers pertinent to YOUR cancer), and as available or applicable to the specific cancer, imaging of tumour(s). – This step is essential; it is from this foundation that all drug and nutritional interventions are subsequently assessed, and from which the efficiency of the selected intervention can be scientifically monitored.

b.  As introduced above, a sliding continuum exists to revert a body from a cancerous condition back to a healthy state.

  • At the extreme end of the scale an active supervised medical intervention component to reduce or eliminate a cancer burden, and
  • at the other end of the scale, a patient led preventative or follow-up component based on taking steps to correct  the toxic and unbalanced aspects of their cellular environment.
  • In addition, there are aspects of a nutrition focused plan you should consider
      • altering your diet periodically
      • limiting supplement intake to ONLY what is supporting your present diet.