References & Glossary

A small sample of papers from 1000s of related studies (all contained with National Institute of Health Public Access archives on “PUBMED” or rsfs.royal society

Books for background


A timeless masterpiece on society's dance with science and medicine authored by a revered Dr with the soul of Ghandi   


Stewart's Textbook of Acid-Base The biological chemistry of the elements The Chemistry of Evolution The-Natural-Selection-of-the-Chemical-Elements-9780198558422

I Contain Multitudes  breast-cancer-and-iodine


Glossary and Terms


  • Cancer Killing Cuisine 
    • meal suggestions with
      •  anti-cancer or pro-immunity foods (selected and paired/combined from science based studies)
      •  primarily raw foods
      • non-suggested foods almost exclusively proscribed
  • ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Pulsing’
    • nutritional and physiologic based on a focused and deliberate effort to stress cancer cells
      • with minimal or NIL impact of normal cells
      • maximizes the reversion of cancer cells to normal cells and/or promotes a natural death of cancer cells (apoptosis)
      • employs alternating (not simultaneous and potentially conflicting) approaches to target different cancer pathways with the goal of limiting ability of the cancer to become resistant