Who we are

For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope. ” – Albert Einstein

  • Kay Rasmussen RN (Mom) – Palliative Care Nurse 25 Years
  • Flemming G Rasmussen – Cancer researcher, Canadian Forces Ill and Injured care coordinator
  • Flemming H RasmussenPEng, BSc (Dad) – A genuine, committed and successful cancer pioneer
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  • Our expectation is that within this website you will find the message concerning cancer:
    • Comforting – because the fundamentals driving the cancer process are what you have intuitively recognized all along.
    • Enlightening  – because no one has really presented the cancer drivers to you in this way.
    • Upsetting –- because few if any cancer treatments take into account and address this fundamental aspect of cancer.
    • Hopeful – because there is something YOU can do if you want to give your body a chance to reverse the cancer process.
    • Challenging – because of the need for you to personally play a leading and active role in your recovery
    • Inspiring – because the factors largely attributed to the complications and secondary effects occasionally associated with conventional cancer treatment outcomes are absent from this approach
    • Rewarding –- because approaches based on this model have been shown to stress cancer cells to the point where they trigger one of a few cell removal pathways, the main one being apoptosis – a natural cell death. All this with no harm to normal cells– no collateral damage.